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General Information
Paphos: a jewel of the Mediterranean

A place for romantics, explorers, and those looking for their next perfect Instagram shot, Paphos is a breath-taking blend of history, myth, and Mediterranean sunshine. Experience centuries of history or just work on your tan: the choice is yours.

Given that human activity on the island of Cyprus dates back to approximately the tenth millennium BC, it should come as no surprise that Paphos holds some of the most incredible archaeological sites on the planet. Roman villas with majestic mosaic floors, the ruins of a medieval fortress, and a second-century amphitheatre are all among the treasures of Paphos, but ancient history isn’t all the city has to offer. Over 45 miles of Mediterranean coastline and internationally recognised beaches make Paphos an ideal place to escape and unwind. Whether you want to swim, snorkel, or top up your tan, you’re in luck – all you’ll need is a towel. Discover the delights of Cyprus for yourself and book your SWISS flight from Zurich to Paphos today.

What is the best way to get around Paphos?

Many travellers to Paphos find that walking is a sufficient means of getting around, as the city is compact and easily navigable. However, public buses are a good option for longer journeys or routes with steep inclines. Bicycle rentals also offer an excellent means of seeing the city for intrepid travellers. For visitors interested in exploring more of the island, hiring a vehicle is recommended: this option offers the most convenient way to explore the country. Travellers should be aware that some rental companies will not allow their vehicles to be taken into the north of the island – be sure to check before finalising any rental.

When is the best time of year to visit Paphos?

As with many Mediterranean locales, summer is the warmest, sunniest time of year, but also the busiest. In order to find a happy medium, it is recommended to visit Paphos in May or September, when the weather is still warm and winter precipitation has yet to start in earnest, but outside of the most crowded times of the year. It should also be noted the weeks of Easter and Christmas are popular times to visit Cyprus in general, so travellers are advised to avoid booking trips during that time if possible.

What currency do they use in Cyprus?

The currency in the Republic of Cyprus is the euro. Credit and debit cards are accepted at most restaurants, hotels, and shops; ATMs are also available should the need arise. Visitors interested in wider travel, however, should note that the currency of Northern Cyprus is the Turkish lira.

Paphos has aged like a fine wine

The historic magnitude of Paphos should not be underestimated: the town is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its exceptional architecture and litany of archaeological sites, many of which are astonishingly well-preserved. Visitors will find themselves in awe at the sheer wealth of history that exists in Paphos: historians, archaeologists, and sightseers alike marvel at the mosaic floors of well-preserved Roman villas that depict vivid scenes from ancient Roman myth. The Tombs of Kings, which hold magnificent burial chambers featuring Doric pillars carved from solid rock, give a fleeting glimpse of bygone civilisations. If visiting the sites themselves sounds somewhat overwhelming, a series of museums will help visitors to understand the significance and context of such a long history.

Paphos’ highlights

Sightseeing hightlights of Paphos:

  • Medieval Castle of Paphos
  • Panagia Chrysopolitissa (location of St. Paul’s Pillar)
  • House of Theseus
  • Paphos Archaeological Museum
  • Byzantine Museum

Sports activities

Of course, Paphos isn’t entirely hung up on the past – and the present involves a lot of sun and surf. With its world-class coastline, Paphos is ideal for travellers looking to spend some time at the beach. Facilities across the island all offer a diversity of water sports, including water-skiing, windsurfing, and parasailing.

Beaches and snorkelling in Paphos

For divers or snorkellers, Paphos’s crystal-clear waters are also ideal: warm and unpolluted, divers of all experience levels will love being able to explore the underwater world beyond the beach. And if you’re simply interested in letting the stress melt away while you work on your tan? Paphos features 16 beaches with Blue Flag designations, meaning that you can expect the best possible water quality, safety, and services around. Come and find out why Paphos has been around so long: book your flight from Zurich to Paphos today.

When in Paphos, eat like a Cypriot…

As anyone who has visited Cyprus can tell you, the Cypriot way of life is leisurely and relaxed. Then again, if other countries had food and wine this good, they’d want to slow down and enjoy it, too. Culinary influences on Cyprus come from all around: traditions from countries as diverse as Greece, Turkey, France, Italy, and Lebanon have all made their way into Cyprian food – and the result is unlike anything else on earth. To truly savour the diverse flavours of Cyprus, find a local taverna and enjoy a seemingly never-ending meal of mezes, or “small delicacies.” The delectable dishes will have you wishing the meal would never end – at least until you hear about dessert.

…and drink like a Cypriot too.

If you’re looking for something to pair with your meal, look no further than the local vintages. Archaeological evidence suggests that winemaking has been undertaken on Cyprus for nearly 6,000 years, and much has been learned in that time. A special treat is the island’s Commandaria wine, a sweet dessert wine made in the foothills of the eponymous region.

Let loose on Paphos’s Entertainment Street

Travellers looking for a night on the town will want to make a beeline for Paphos’s famous Agiou Antoniou Street, sometimes called Entertainment Street. The best bars and nightclubs in the city – and perhaps the country – are found here, and bar crawls are very much encouraged.

Find that perfect souvenir

Shoppers in Paphos will have choices: as the city’s tourism industry has grown, so too have its retail offerings. For more modern flair, Kings Avenue Mall is the contemporary hotspot; for a traditional shopping experience, a trip to the Paphos Market will guarantee plenty of handicrafts and souvenirs.