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Zurich ZRH
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Live it up in Tenerife

The Canarian spirit is on full display here in Tenerife, home to the world’s largest Carnival celebration outside of Rio. From dancing in the streets to some of Spain’s most unique wines, there’s plenty to take in here – to say nothing of the stunning beauty of its landscape, featuring the massive Mount Teide.

With mild and sunny beaches, Tenerife knows how to show visitors a good time. The island is dotted with countless towns and villages, each offering new adventures, cuisine and sights. Hike up Mount Teide, the highest point in all of Spain, or explore the remote villages of the Anaga Mountains right outside of the main city of Santa Cruz. From vineyards to beaches, you’re sure to find something to your liking.

Tenerife is also famous for its vibrant party scene, with plenty of options to dance the night away. It culminates in one of the world’s largest Carnival celebrations, with street parties and galas where a carnival queen is crowned.

Discover the island spirit for yourself and fly with SWISS from Zurich to Tenerife today.

WK216: ZRH - TFS 06:05 - 09:35
Flight duration: 04:30
Mo - Tu - We - Th - Fr - Sa Su -
WK214: ZRH - TFS 06:35 - 10:10
Flight duration: 04:35
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WK214: ZRH - TFS 06:45 - 10:20
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WK214: ZRH - TFS 07:05 - 10:40
Flight duration: 04:35
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WK214: ZRH - TFS 09:30 - 13:05
Flight duration: 04:35
Mo - Tu - We - Th Fr - Sa - Su -
WK217: TFS - ZRH 10:25 - 15:50
Flight duration: 04:25
Mo - Tu - We - Th - Fr - Sa Su -
WK215: TFS - ZRH 11:00 - 16:25
Flight duration: 04:25
Mo - Tu - We - Th - Fr - Sa - Su
WK215: TFS - ZRH 11:25 - 17:00
Flight duration: 04:35
Mo - Tu - We - Th - Fr Sa - Su -
WK215: TFS - ZRH 11:30 - 16:55
Flight duration: 04:25
Mo - Tu - We Th - Fr - Sa - Su -
WK215: TFS - ZRH 13:55 - 19:20
Flight duration: 04:25
Mo - Tu - We - Th Fr - Sa - Su -

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When is the best time to visit Tenerife?

With a year-round mild climate, there isn’t really a bad time to visit the Canary Islands. If your timing is flexible, the best thing to do is to come in the spring or autumn, when the crowds of seasonal tourists from Europe are away. Winter is somewhat rainy in Tenerife, though that is a relative term – even during the rainiest part of the year, the island sees an average of six hours of sunlight each day. Schedule your trip here during the wine harvest in November for celebrations and wine tasting, or in February for Tenerife’s world-famous Carnival.

How do I climb Mount Teide?

Spain’s highest peak is an unmissable feature of the island, at an incredible 3,718 meters in height. To avoid the strenuous hike up, a cable car can take you up to within a few hundred meters of the crater. For this final ascent, though, you will need a permit from the National Park. These can be reserved online in advance, which is always a good idea as the authorities do limit the number of people who may reach the summit every day.

How do I get around Tenerife?

If you plan on exploring the more remote parts of the island, hiring a car is likely your best bet. You can hire a car, motorbike or book a transfer or private tour from most places on the island. However, for transportation to or from the airport or to the major centres on the island, the local green TITSA buses are at your service. If you plan on using the bus – or guagua, as the locals call them – get yourself a bono-bus pass for significantly reduced fares.

Attractions of Tenerife

A stay in Tenerife provides endless possibilities for visitors. The island’s main city of Santa Cruz provides a perfect setting to relax in its sunny avenues, shopping along Calle Castillo or sipping a café cortado in one of the plazas. A variety of museums and art galleries tell the story of this island and its exuberant populace.

Attractions you have to visit in Tenerife:

  • Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre (Museum of Nature and Man)
  • Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes (Municipal Museum of Fine Arts)
  • Tenerife Arts Centre

Party at Santa Cruz’ carnival

Santa Cruz is also home to the second-largest Carnival celebration in the world, second only to Rio de Janeiro. The Carnival has a language of its own: local groups sing murgas, humorous ballads, to one another, while giant street parties called mogollones bring together people from all over the islands. The carnival culminates in a series of galas in which candidates in ever more elaborate costumes vie for the title of Carnival Queen while troupes dance and drum through the streets.

Explore the outdoors

Tenerife is said to be more of a small continent than an island: so stark are the different ecosystems created by the Mount Teide massif. The southern side of the beach is dry and arid, with the sun-soaked Playa de Las Américas. The lush northern part contains the verdant relief of the Anaga hills, a hiker’s paradise. It is also home to Loro Parque, a park filled with tropical plants and exotic wildlife from penguins to jaguars. Book your SWISS flight from Zurich to Tenerife today and experience everything this enchanting island has to offer.

For even more information about what to see, do and experience during your stay in Tenerife, check out our guide to the island with attractions of Tenerife.

Fine dining in Tenerife’s incredible surroundings

While the top priority for most visitors to this tropical island is taking in the sun on its beaches or hiking the rugged slopes, its culinary scene is full of hidden gems. Seemingly every hamlet on the island has its share of gourmet restaurants, making it possible to eat your way across the island’s coastline. Diverse fare from burgers to Thai food is on offer alongside Canarian mainstays such as grilled cherne, or wreckfish, or papas arrugadas, “wrinkled potatoes”, served with a spicy red or green sauce.

Enjoy Tenerife vintages or dance the night away

Tenerife’s jaw-dropping Carnival celebrations are just the first sign that the residents of the island like to enjoy the finer things in life. Parties keep going well throughout the year, with Playa de las Américas a particular favourite of the English-speaking tourist crowd. For a Latin vibe, head to Puerto de la Cruz, where the salsa beats go well into the night. Tenerife is also the largest producer of wine on the islands, with an astounding five distinct growing regions on the island. The island favors locally grown varieties, many of which grow on vines over a century old. Explore the vineyards and enjoy tastes you won’t find anywhere else.

Special finds in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Begin your search for bargains on Calle Castillo, with its pedestrianized boulevard featuring high fashion, coffee, tobacconists and more – and plenty of terraces to relax on when you need a break. For fresher offerings, head down to the Mercado de Nuestra Señora de África, where you can find plenty to please your palate.

For more on the island’s offerings, check out our guide about to eating on Tenerife.

  • Zurich - Tenerife
    Flight duration: 04:35 hrs total, Frequency: Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat
  • Departure Zurich
    Terminal: 1 / 3
    Counter opening time: 24 h prior to departure
  • Airbus A320-214
    Height: 11.80 m
    Length: 37.60 m
    Seats: 136-168
  • Crew:
    Pilots: 2
    Cabin crew: 4
  • Arrival Tenerife
    Distance to city centre: 63 km