Enjoy your SWISS flight from Birmingham (BHX), the second biggest city in England, to Thessaloniki (SKG), the second largest city in Greece. Founded by Phillip II of Macedonia at the top of the Thermaic Gulf in northern Greece, Thessaloniki can show off architecture from two millennia and several cultures. Classic Greece, Rome, Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire were each leaving their mark on the town. Especially the Byzantine period makes the city an open-air museum of Byzantine art. In these times Thessaloniki was an incredibly important harbour in the eastern Mediterranean, second only to Constantinople. The city walls, numerous churches and even an old bathhouse from this era will amaze you. The White Tower at the waterfront, a massive watchtower from the Ottoman period, is the most famous landmark of Thessaloniki. At this point, the present day architecture takes over with a newly designed walkway along the waterfront with many little parks and art installations.

For each period you will find a corresponding museum in Thessaloniki so that history buffs and ancient art friends must feel like they have found paradise in this beautiful place. Travelling to Thessaloniki will not only pay off in regards to arts and history but also when it comes to outstanding food and delicious wine, that is produced locally. Thessaloniki is called "Greece's culinary capital" with numerous restaurants that serve local cuisine, especially in the historic old town, in Ano Poli (Upper Town) and on the waterfront. Many beaches within a short ride outside the city invite you for a lazy day in the sun to digest the many impressions of the sightseeing. Because a lot of the population are Students, you will find a very intense nightlife in Thessaloniki. But don't party too hard, so you won't miss your SWISS flight back to Birmingham!