London and Geneva are both cities of global importance, but still, they could not be much more different. While London is home to almost 9 million inhabitants, Geneva is hardly a big city by English standards roughly 200.000 inhabitants. Nevertheless, Geneva plays a unique role in world politics and in the finance sector and captivates thousands of visitors, business travelers and diplomats from around the world. Experience the charm of the SWISS gem with your own eyes and book a flight from London to Geneva.

Since the United Nations are residing right next to Lake Geneva the city is crawling with diplomats, politicians, lobbyists and journalists throughout the year. With this in mind, speaking English should not be a problem when communicating with the local population, which traditionally speaks French. Tourists are most often drawn into the picturesque Old Town, with its medieval buildings, small alleys and hospitable restaurants. Due to its international vibe Geneva offers a unique culinary diversity second to none. However, the French influence or presence not only in the culinary scene is tangible due to its geographical proximity to the French border.

The old town is dominated by the Cathedral of St. Pierre, near the Auditorium, which dates back to the 12th century. Relax in sight of the the water fountain Jet d'Eau, after visiting the International Red Cross Museum. Before you take your flight back to London you might want to shop for a Swiss watch, a souvenir that will last for a life time.





  • Flight duration 01:35 hrs total
  • Frequency 6 x daily


London (LHR)
  • Terminal 2
  • Counter opening time 2 h prior to departure

Airbus A320-214

  • Height 11.80 m
  • Length 37.60 m
  • Seats 136-168




Cabin crew



Geneva (GVA)

Distance to city centre

6 km
  • Train 3 CHF / 7 mins
  • Bus 3 CHF / 19 mins
  • Taxi 30 CHF / 15 mins