Your flight from Manchester to Stuttgart takes you on a potentially unforgettable journey to one of Germany's most beautiful cities. Stuttgart, the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg is a city dedicated to arts. Accordingly the city is home to numerous theatres such as the Renitenz-Theatre, the Friedrichsbau Varieté or the Opera House located in the so called Schlossgarten, a well-groomed public park popular among both tourists and locals. Fine arts enthusiasts' needs are catered by places such as the New State Gallery or the Art museum at the Schlossplatz, while automobile lovers are in for a treat as Porsche and Mercedes run their own museums in the city as Stuttgart is their manufacturing site and headquarter in Germany.

Stuttgart, which is located inside one of the largest wine regions of Germany, is a city with many facets, with huge castles and historic buildings. You can visit the Neues Schloss, the new castle, a palace in the late Baroque style, and the Altes Schloss, the old castle, a magnificent medieval building. One of the most interesting sites is the Weissenhofsiedlung residential district, with buildings designed by some of the greatest architects in the world.

A special occasion to come visit Stuttgart is the annual folk festival Canstatter Volksfest similar to and simultaneous with the world famous Oktoberfest in Munich. A lot less crowded and with more humane prices this public festival attracts a couple of hundred thousand visitors every year.And if your stay in Stuttgart should be a little more relaxing you can always explore the natural beauty of the nearby Black Forest!

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  • Flight duration 02:00 hrs total
  • Frequency 2 x daily


Manchester (MAN)
  • Terminal 2
  • Counter opening time 1 h prior to departure

Airbus A320-214

  • Height 11.80 m
  • Length 37.60 m
  • Seats 136-168




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Zurich (ZRH)
  • Arrival 11:40
  • Transit time 0h 55m
Connection 2





  • Flight duration 00:45 hrs total
  • Frequency 4 x daily


Stuttgart (STR)

Distance to city centre

13 km
  • Train 4 EUR / 27 mins
  • Bus 4 EUR / 50 mins
  • Taxi 20 EUR / 20 mins