Are you anxious for discovering one of the most significant Swiss cities? Don't wait any longer and book your flights to Basel today to benefit from some amazing fares. Basel is a SWISS industrial city located on the banks of the Rhine. Situated in the north-western Switzerland, close to the borders of Germany and France, it offers excellent connections to other European cities. Basel also acts as an important financial hub, being the centre of the Swiss chemical industry, with many prominent companies having their headquarters here.

If you are a culture lover, you will love Basel for its great offer of museums, art galleries and theatres, the most well-known of which are Basel Historical Museum, Kunsthalle Basel and Theatre Basel. The sciences also flourished in Basel for centuries. As a matter of fact, the Swiss Mathematical Society started in Basel in the mid-twentieth century. The University of Basel had teachers such as Erasmus, Friedrich Nietzsche and Carl Gustav Jung, all of them personalities of reference in their respective fields.

The Münster is undoubtedly one of the most breathtakingly beautiful churches in the region, made all the more fascinating by its compelling story of destruction and rebuilding. The adjoining Münsterplatz offers a collection of picturesque townhouses and civic buildings, some of which date to as far back as the fourteenth century. Take advantage of good weather to roam around Solitude Park, a meeting point for all generations especially during the summer. If you plan on spending some family time in or around Basel you get to choose from a diverse array of unforgettable activities. Visit for example the Christoph Merian Garden, spot some deer in the Lange Erlen deer park or surprise your kids with a trip to the Laguna indoor water park. Needless to say, being in Switzerland during winter provides you with ample opportunities for skiing, sledging or ice skating.

Regardless of the weather, you should take the time to visit the Kunstmuseum, which hosts famous works by Picasso, Van Gogh, Chagall, Rodin as well as many other great artists, or sit down with a good book in the vast library of the University of Basel. These are but a small fraction of the delightful sights that await you in the city.

Take a break from all the sightseeing to enjoy Basler Lackerli cookies or Massmogge candies and get your energy back! Being situated close to both Germany and France, the cuisine of the city is rather diverse and worth the travel. Book your SWISS flights to Basel today and take advantage of our fantastic offers.