Recently the city has been enriched not only by streams of tourists looking for ski resorts but also by flows of capital finding in Lugano an international financial centre. Consequently, a convenient flight to Lugano will be the right solution for both business travellers and private tourists, which will enjoy a pleasant stay in the traditional atmosphere of the Canton Ticino, while dedicating to their important business. The rich offer of spa and fitness centres, as well as the numerous cultural sights of the region, will turn your stay into a haven of peace. Whether in search of relaxation and regeneration or looking for new loyal clients, a flight to Lugano is the best choice you can make.

The city has not always been in this position; Lugano has expanded enormously after adjoining numerous surrounding municipalities in 2003 and continuing growth in the following years. The enchanting view on Lake Lugano and broad possibilities for water sport, such as sailing, surfing, diving, stand up paddling, fishing, canoeing or wakeboarding turn the lake into one of Lugano's main features. Surrounded by the majestic Swiss Alps, Lugano is the perfect location to go and explore nature.

The cityscape is coined by its enchanting ancient churches and art galleries; you should check out the world-famous art collections at the Villa Favorita, or the Villa Ciani Art Museum, which also boasts an extensive collection of artwork. Look at the flights to Lugano now and enjoy a relaxing holiday in this corner of paradise.