Shanghai is a true megacity, the biggest and most populous metropolis of China, an economic engine for its country and a real cultural centre, combining Chinese tradition with a futuristic vision. With over twenty-three million inhabitants, Shanghai is the most populous city in China; it does not come as a surprise that Shanghai is a real melting pot of diverse cultures, attracting migrants from all over the world. As a hub for wealthy Europeans during the decadent final days of the European empires, Shanghai has a unique collection of twentieth-century buildings constructed in the art deco style, many of which are clustered together in the stylish waterfront area known as The Bund. Book your flights to Shanghai at Swiss International Air Lines and experience its unique atmosphere by yourself.

Stroll around Shanghai's French Concession, a part of the city with a very distinct character, being the result of almost a century of French administration. One of the main attractions within the French Concession is the Lyceum Theatre that is mainly frequented by Shanghais British residents. Business flights to Shanghai might finally lead you into the financial heart of Shanghai, or even into the stunning skyscraper that is the Shanghai World Financial Centre.

A flight to Shanghai will also take you to some of Asia's most important cultural institutions, such as the Shanghai Natural History Museum, the Shanghai Art Museum or the Buddhist Jade Buddha Temple, which is famous for its many sculptures. A visit to the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower, a TV tower located close to the Huangpu River bank, will offer you the best possible view over the city, reaching as high as 468m. Don't miss out on the great culinary diversity of Shanghai and explore Chinese culture through your taste! Book your flights to Shanghai now and explore this truly unique megacity!