The most famous place on the coast: Miami, Florida. Book your SWISS flight to Miami, and you'll visit the financial and cultural mecca of the Southeast. Recently designated the richest city in the United States, it is home to many global financial and business goliaths.

Miami is also rich in personal appeal. You'll enjoy the scenic beauty of its world renowned Atlantic oceanfront beaches, and the majestic splendor of its skyscraping urban panorama that seems to hover above the sea. Miami has been called "America's cleanest city" - its fresh ocean air and lush tropical foliage present a most relaxing and yet invigorating ambiance.

The urban art scene is very much present in Miami, with numerous street art present everywhere in the city. You can also visit the beautiful museums here, Miami Science Museum and Miami Art Museum being two of the most famous ones. The city boasts a large Latin population that adds to its cultural diversity and charm, as well as the flavor of its dining and abundant nightlife. Cuban, Haitian, Dominican and Brazilian styles mingle to create a stunning array of cultural experiences and memorable moments. Take Swiss International Air Lines on a flight to Miami and experience all its incredible amenities for yourself. Book your ticket now!

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