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  • Book your flight from New York to Geneva with Swiss International Air Lines and embark on a journey to the multicultural metropolis, situated on the banks of Lake Geneva! The French-speaking city of Geneva is the second largest town in Switzerland, second to Zurich, and home to the Geneva Convention. Having strong ties with New York, Geneva has been dubbed the "Peace Capital" of the world; you will find the head offices of organizations such as the Red Cross and the United Nations within the city limits, and also private multinationals choose Geneva as their headquarters location.

    Despite its relatively small size compared to other global cities, Geneva is widely seen as one of the most significant global financial centers. The business opportunities are booming! As for leisure activities, take in the cultural monuments, museums, cathedrals and churches. Let the music from the Grand Theater of Geneva soothe and inspire you! The knowledge and beauty that awaits you in Geneva are amazing. See for yourself, why Geneva ranked third in the highest living standard of all cities in the world, Geneva is a safe, clean, and nurturing travel destination that you cannot miss!

    Besides everything the urban area has to offer, the surrounding nature is reason enough to fly from New York to Geneva. Hike in the Alps, sail on Lake Geneva or go skiing in the nearby mountains.

    Get cheap flights from New York to Geneva and save money. Travel to foreign cities and countries and visit famous landmarks. You will enjoy your stay in Geneva! Geneva provides you many opportunities for visiting landmarks and enjoying great events. Book an online ticket for your journey to Geneva now!

    New York




    • Flight duration 07:35 hrs total
    • Frequency 10 x daily

    Airbus A330-300

    • Height 16.80 m
    • Length 63.70 m
    • Seats 236




    Cabin crew



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    Geneva (GVA)

    Distance to city centre

    6 km
    • Train 3 CHF / 7 mins
    • Bus 3 CHF / 19 mins
    • Taxi 30 CHF / 15 mins