Flying to Venice (VCE) with SWISS is a smooth and comfortable travel experience. When you arrive, you will be overwhelmed by all the things not yet seen, done or experienced. The city of Venice was the center of a vast merchant empire, controlling trade in the Adriatic Sea and most of the eastern Mediterranean. Venice linked Western Europe to trading goods from as far away as India and China. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance Venice was considered the richest city on earth. As was the custom in Renaissance times, the wealthy merchants and the city council were builders of fine private and public buildings. The Patron Saint of Venice is the evangelist Marc, whose body was smuggled to Venice from Alexandria in Egypt in the 9th century. The famous St. Marco Cathedral was built around his remains and was adorned with the loot of the plundering of Constantinople in 1204. Your sightseeing might as well start here, on the Piazza di San Marco in front of the cathedral. Walk along the fabled canals like the Canale Grande; there are no cars or scooters allowed in Venice. A far more authentic experience is seeing city with one of the black gondolas that were designed especially for the narrow waterways of Venice.

Admire the Doge’s Palace with the fabled Bridge of Sighs and The Leads, a prison in the palace from which Giacomo Casanova famously escaped. Visit the Arsenal, once a highly secretive shipyard isolated from the rest of Venice. The Arsenal is described as the first assembly line in history. Here the highly skilled shipwrights had developed a system to build 100 ships in two weeks. Find a perfect Venetian gift: Visit the famous glassmakers and watch them forming the glass into dazzling colorful sculptures and tableware. Another very Venetian souvenir are the baroque masks that are worn during the colorful Venitian Carnival. Try the local food in one of the trattorias, like risotto nero, pasta e fagioli, fegato alla venexiana or sarde in saor. Together with the wine from the surrounding vineyards of the Veneto area, it will be a treat you will never forget.

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