Get one of our great SWISS flights to London and prepare to explore the center of the British islands. The Romans, who had conquered Britain around 50 A.D., found the spot on the river Thames perfect for their needs and put Londinium on the map. A thousand years later William the Conqueror gave London its first monument still around today, the Tower of London. It functioned as a palace, a castle, a grim dungeon and most recently as the strongbox to hold the crown jewels of the English monarchy. The world famous tower bridge is right next to it. Start your city exploration at the Victorian House of Parliament, where the bell Big Ben is sounding out the hours of the day in its famous belltower. A short stroll away is Westminster Abbey, where the Kings and Queens of Britain are getting married and buried. The Buckingham Palace, where the Royals live when they are in London, is a great sight and features a good show with the traditional changing of the guard. Trafalgar Square with the Nelson Column, Piccadilly Circus and Hyde Park, Royal Greenwich Observatory and Hampton Court, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Old Baileys, the list of great sights and landmarks goes on and on.

How about a shopping tour in the legendary London shopping palaces, hot designer boutiques and great flea markets? Visit Carnaby Street, where the sixties style of „swinging London“ had been invented. In Chelsea the Kings Road was the center of the early Punk movement, with Vivienne Westwood’s shop firmly at its center. It is still open today. The great Camden Market and the Portobello Road flea market are also great destinations for finding exotic things or just the right souvenir. What will you do in the evening? See a musical in one of the Westend Theaters? Visit a Shakespeare play in the authentic replica of the Globe Theater? Or a tour through the clubs, pubs and bars of Soho? Whatever is your idea of great entertainment, London has lots of it.