Top offers: Prague Flights

Book one of our SWISS flights to Prague (PRG), the capital of the Czech Republic and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Called “The Golden City”, it has its nickname for some very good reasons, as it is rich in history and architectural glory. Prague served as the capital of the German Empire and as seat for the Emperor for centuries, but also the Bohemian Kings had made their contribution. Incredible buildings were added throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance until the city had acquired its amazing skyline of a hundred spires and gold-covered towers. If you want to see all of Prague’s architectural and historical treasures, you better bring some time, because this may take a while. The famous Charles Bridge from the Old Town to the Lesser Town is one of the best-known landmarks of Prague. Each end has an impressive tower with a gate. In the 17th century the fine statues that line the bridge were added. Must-see sights are the Old Town Hall with its Astronomical Clock from the 15th century and Prague Castle, the biggest medieval castle complex in Europe. Today it is the seat of the President of the Czech Republic. The Palace Gardens that descent over several terraces under the castle are an open invitation for a beautiful scenic walk. Visit the old Jewish cemetery and museum and learn about the legend of the Golem that originated in Prague’s Jewish community. St. Vitus Cathedral, the biggest church in the Czech Republic, towers over the city. In the crypt of St. Vitus are the royal tombs where Emperors, Kings and Queens had been laid to rest.

Prague is well known all over the world for its lively nightlife, a famous club scene and world-class beer from towns like Budweis and Pilsen. Many visitors come especially for a weekend of party and dancing. This takes a lot of energy, so have a good meal of the hearty Bohemian cuisine, which appeals more to taste buds than weight control. For arts and culture, sightseeing and history or party and nightlife Prague is the destination that will satisfy all your needs. SWISS wishes you a great time in the Golden City!