Tel Aviv

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When you book one of our flights to Tel Aviv on, you are in for some fun in the sun. Unlike nearly all of the other cities of Israel, which are very old and proud about being mentioned in the Bible, Tel Aviv is completely new. It started out as a suburb of Jaffa in 1909, and grew fast to become the lively city it is today. Most interesting is the Bauhaus style inner city with more than 4000 Houses from the 1920s and 1930s. The area is called the White City and is today part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. The modern atmosphere of Israel’s second biggest city and economic center draws visitors from all over the world, especially young people who enjoy the intense night life of Tel Aviv.

Those who are still suffering from last night’s party mingle with those waiting for the next one on the beaches of Tel Aviv. It is the main attraction of the city, here the hectic city life seems far away and everybody enjoys the gentle breeze from the Mediterranean. A long beach promenade links the several sections, studded with cafés and falafel fast food stands. A bicycle ride along the promenade will also bring you to the old harbor of Jaffa, once controlled by the Phoenicians. Here the first Jewish settlers arrived that were later the founders of Tel Aviv, and today Jaffa is just one district of their brand new city. Enjoy your flight with Swiss International Air Lines or our partner El Al respectively and, of course, enjoy Tel Aviv!