Barcelona in Spain is a stylish and modern city and one of the most exciting places to visit in Europe, attracting many tourists each year. Barcelona has a wealth of interesting historical and modern sites that will impress, from the Basilica of La Mercè to the Columbus Monument. You can book flights from Cape Town to Barcelona to visit this magnificent city. The city itself has existed from as far back as the third century BC. The city has eight sites classified as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Why not treat yourself to flights from Cape Town to Barcelona, and experience the historic beauty of this city. Barcelona is well known for its diverse culture which would be an interesting experience for the fun lover. If you are a huge soccer fan, you can book flights from Cape Town to Barcelona, and visit the world famous Camp Nou, home of former European Football Champions Barcelona.

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Flight connections with stop(s)

Connection 1

Cape Town




  • Flight duration 11:20 hrs total
  • Frequency 2 x daily


Zurich (ZRH)
  • Arrival 09:20
  • Transit time 8h 00m
Connection 2





  • Flight duration 01:45 hrs total
  • Frequency 5 x daily

Airbus A320-214

  • Height 11.80 m
  • Length 37.60 m
  • Seats 136-168




Cabin crew



Swiss Economy

On board, we'll serve you fresh dishes in the best Swiss quality accompanied by an extensive selection of drinks, including various carefully chosen wines.


Swiss Business
Cold Meal

On board we'll serve you dishes and snacks of the best quality. Drinks are always included on all our flights.


Barcelona (BCN)

Distance to city centre

14 km
  • Train 3 EUR / 20 mins
  • Bus 6 EUR / 30 mins
  • Taxi 18-25 EUR / 25-35 mins