Star Alliance Convention Plus & Meeting Plus

When lots of people share the same destination

Are you inviting others to a convention, or attending one yourself? If lots of people are travelling to the same destination, a lot of organisation is required. These services will take care of a lot of the work for you.

Star Alliance Convention Plus

This service gives you discounted fares with the airlines in the Star Alliance. A personal contact will help you with organising your event. If you make Star Alliance the official airline network for your convention, you and your participants will have the benefit of additional discounts. This offer is aimed at groups with a minimum of 500 passengers.

Star Alliance Meeting Plus

Are you organising a meeting and your guests are travelling individually from all over? Star Alliance Meeting Plus will make organising your event much easier - and cheaper. Your personal contact will help you with the planning, and the travel agency that is assigned to you will take care of the ticketing. Every person travelling will enjoy the benefit of discounted fares. This offer is aimed at groups of 50 to 499 passengers.