Exclusive gourmet experience

Meals in SWISS First

Enjoy an extensive range of dishes and beverages à la carte. You decide when we may serve you your gourmet menu so you can plan your time on board to suit your requirements.

In SWISS First, you will dine as if you were in a gourmet restaurant. Choose your own menu and dine whenever you would like to. We offer a selection of several starters, main courses and desserts as well as exclusive wines, Champagne and freshly-brewed coffee. Our individual service is tailored exactly to your requirements so you can make full use of your time on board.

The restaurant above the clouds

SWISS Taste of Switzerland

This award-winning gastronomy concept shows just how varied Switzerland's cuisine is. Top chefs from all over the country provide culinary highlights with their creations. Every three months, a new Maître de Cuisine creates the First menus. This means, our passengers can enjoy exclusive, varied Swiss dishes that delight to the very last mouthful.

From September to November 2015 SWISS First and Business passengers on intercontinental flights departing from Switzerland will be able to enjoy savoury culinary delights from Glarus.

Comfort and tranquillity on a terrace in the car-free Braunwald – these are the major trump cards of the Boutique Chalet Hotel Ahorn, which opened in 2011. Culinary artist and host Beat Schittenhelm celebrates in the affiliated Gourmet Restaurant the symbiosis of pure joy and refined food culture. His healthy, natural and tasty seasonal cuisine is characterized by regional products and the use of local herbs. The four chalets and two suites in chic Alpine style offer an even balance between rustic materials and modern design of the highest quality. Everything breathes cosiness, peace, harmony and comfort. With their small but beautiful hotel, Beat Schittenhelm and his team guarantee a holiday with the highest comfort factor.

SWISS Connoisseur Experience

Now you can treat yourself to some extra pampering four times a year with the SWISS Connoisseur Experience. The service is celebrating its première in September 2015 with the SWISS Steakhouse. The next pleasure experiences on-board will be white truffles in November, seafood in February and caviar tasting in May.

Each SWISS Connoisseur Experience will be on offer for two weeks, and they are intended to complement the gourmet offer for our passengers in SWISS First.

Rendezvous with the Peninsula Hotels

The world famous five-star hotel in Hong Kong truly pampers your palate thanks to its Swiss head chef Florian Trento and his exquisite menus. The menu selection alters every three months, ensuring a constant flow of culinary surprises!

Together, the Peninsula Hong Kong Hotel and SWISS have been setting ultra-high standards in terms of innovation, quality and hospitality for three years now. The exclusive on-board menu combines traditional dishes from the Peninsula with our distinctive Swissness, characterised by exciting, seasonally varying culinary creations.

Available on flights in SWISS First and Business from Hong Kong / Bangkok / Shanghai (from June) / Beijing (from September) to Zurich.

The Peninsula Hotels