Special meals

Any requirement catered for

We can provide a special menu for passengers with extraordinary requirements; this menu must be ordered in advance. The service is available in any flight class on long haul flights, and in SWISS Business on European flights.

Order in time

Special menus will only be on board if they are ordered in good time. Please let us know at least 24 hours before departure if you require one of our 18 special menus. Contact our Service Center, add the information to your online Profile or order the menu when you book at swiss.com.

Nut allergy

As an allergy-minded airline, we show consideration to passengers with food allergies, and have a policy of not serving peanuts on board. However, for technical reasons we are unable to provide meals without any trace of peanuts. The meals and snacks served on board may contain nuts or ingredients that are based on peanuts.

We advise passengers with serious allergies to consider the possible reactions and carry their own emergency medicine with them. Under certain circumstances, they may prefer to bring their own food that does not require chilling or heating on board. If you have a food allergy, please contact the SWISS Service Center or your cabin crew team. Out of consideration for their fellow passengers, we request all our passengers not to bring peanuts on board with them.

Available special meals

Food allergies

Gluten intolerant meal
Special menu available without cereals (wheat, rye, barley, oats) and starch.

Lactose intolerance
Special menu available without dairy products.

For babies and children

Baby meal (up to 2 years of age)
On most European flights, this consists of an organic fruit puree. Pureed vegetables are also available on long haul flights

Child meal (up to 12 years of age)
Consists of a popular and balanced child's meal and a sweet surprise.

For vegans and vegetarians

Vegetarian Hindu meal
Indian style, without meat, fish, poultry, eggs or gelatin.

Vegetarian jain meal
Prepared in accordance with the customs of Indian Jainism.

Western vegetarian meal lacto-ovo
Western meal without meat or fish, but with eggs and dairy products.

Vegetarian vegan meal
Western meal without meat, fish, eggs or dairy products.

Special diets

Diabetic meal
Sugar-free menu.

Bland meal
Light menu with lean meat or fish, low fat and lightly spiced.

Low calorie meal
Light menu with low-calorie products; no pasta, cream or sweet baked goods.

Low salt meal
Lightly salted menu, low sodium and mildly spiced.

Low fat meal
Light menu with low fat products, low cholesterol.

Religious background

These menus are prepared in strict accordance with the respective customs and rites.

Kosher meal
Prepared, packed and sealed to strict guidelines.

Hindu meal
Does not contain beef or dairy products; may contain lamb, poultry or fish.

Halal meal
Does not contain pork.

Medical background

If you have to follow a special diet after surgery or illness, due to an allergy or for any other medical reasons, we will be pleased to provide it for you. In this instance, please contact our Service Center at least 5 days before departure.

Japanese meal

This menu is available in Business Class from and to Tokyo (LX 160 and LX 161); must be booked in advance.

Starter: Soba noodles.
Main course: Japanese style with rice, miso soup and marinated vegetables.