Do you need time to think?

Hold the booking up to 72 hours

Do you need a little more time to think and plan your trip? Not a problem. Hold the current ticket price for up to 72 hours for a surcharge when booking.

Your advantages

  • Cancel free of charge within 72 hours
  • Price held for all passengers and flights
  • Seat guaranteed to be held for you for 72 hours

How it works

  1. Find your flight & hold the booking

    Choose your flight. In order to secure it at that price, select "Secure booking for 72 hours".

  2. testComplete reservation

    In order to secure your reservation, enter your payment details as usual and complete the flight booking.

  3. Confirm or cancel flight

    You now have up to 72 hours' time to decide whether you want this flight or not. If your travel plans change, you can cancel the flight reservation under "My bookings". The tickets will automatically be issued at the end of the period, and the full amount will be charged to your debit or credit card.

  4. Please note

    The option "Hold the booking" is only available for flights with a SWISS flight number (LX) if there are at least 48 hours between the date of the booking and the departure date.