Group Travel

SWISS can make planning your group travel even easier

Are you and a group of friends or family planning to fly to a SWISS destination? If so, SWISS has a convenient new booking option for groups of 10 or more. Your complete booking and ticketing arrangements can be made on, where you can do the following:

Your benefits

  • See flight availability and group prices over a range of several days
  • Add and change names at no charge if such changes are made within a specified time frame
  • Choose between different payment methods, such as credit card or bank transfer
  • Issue your group’s tickets immediately or at a later point in time after your booking has been completed

Available 24/7, instant response

As the member of your group assigned with planning the trip, you’ll find the task greatly simplified thanks to the new automated group booking process, which is available on a 24/7 basis. You’ll receive an instant response to your online booking, which significantly streamlines the time required to make arrangements.

As for payment, two options are available. You can either pay the full amount immediately or make a deposit and cover the balance later via bank transfer, an option available for most common currencies.

Applicable Conditions

Please note that certain conditions apply with regard to the new group booking option:

  • This service is available for one-way and round-trip flights operated by SWISS
  • Bookings must be for groups of 10 or more members, at least one of whom must be an adult
  • Each infant travelling must be accompanied by an adult

Conditions for group travel offers group travel exclusively for direct SWISS customers. Charter, codeshare flights (joint operations with other airlines) and bookings via travel agents are excluded from this offer.

The offer is available for one-way flights (outbound only) and return flights (outbound and return) that are operated by SWISS or on behalf of SWISS. Groups must travel together on the booked flight.

Passengers with travel plans that differ from the group (flight and/or date) must book separately and pay the corresponding individual fare.

Minimum group sizes

Economy Class From 10 passengers
Economy Class
Business Class
From 10 passengers
From 10 passengers
Economy Class
First Class
From 10 passengers
Individual Booking


The prices that are advertised on include all charges and taxes. You will find the tariff details in the respective tariff conditions. Please note that group prices may differ from single tariffs depending on availability, demand, tariff type and group size.


The usual SWISS baggage rules apply. For information on size, weight, excess baggage and oversized baggage please refer to

Oversized and/or heavy baggage items such as musical instruments and sports baggage must be registered when the group booking is made. Later enquiries may be refused or incur additional charges.


Any standard payment method can be used to pay for group travel on There is also the option of paying for the tickets by bank transfer. If payment is to be by bank transfer, then a deposit will be required and must be made through If the balance is not paid, then SWISS will retain the deposit; it will not be returned.


The passenger names may be entered or changed free of charge at within a specified period of time following confirmation of the booking. However, a charge will be incurred if any names need to be changed once the tickets have been issued. Name changes can be made up to 72 hours before departure.

The name entered on the ticket must be the same as the name in the passport or on the ID card. The relevant tariff conditions will apply for incorrectly issued tickets.

Ticket issue

The tickets can be issued after the full payment has been made and all passenger information entered up to a specified date at


Please observe the tariff conditions at Flights can be changed up to 72 hours before departure.

Cancellation and refunds

Please observe the tariff conditions at

If, in the event of a cancellation, the number of passengers is less than the minimum number required for a group, then at least ten tickets (the minimum for a group travel booking) must be paid for.

Seat reservations

It is not possible to book individual seats for groups. A block of seats will be allocated for the entire group.