SWISS Upgrade Bargain

Bid to fly SWISS First

Have you booked a SWISS Business ticket but have always wanted to experience the bonuses of First Class? Bid now at SWISS Upgrade Bargain and decide how much an upgrade is worth to you. You will find out 48 hours before departure whether your bid has been successful.

SWISS First advantages

  • Priority check-in and boarding: get to the aircraft on time without waiting
  • Lounges: As a First passenger, you have worldwide access to exclusive SWISS and Star Alliance lounges
  • First class armchair: Turns into generous flat bed in moment
  • First-class dining: Enjoy our award-winning cuisine
  • First Class miles credit
  • Learn more about SWISS First


SWISS Upgrade Bargain is currently available on all SWISS long-haul flights. In order to qualify for SWISS Upgrade Bargain, your ticket must be issued at least 132 hours before departure.

Local legal requirements prohibit bids from Brazil and India. On flights to and from Japan it is possible to offer a fixed amount. SWISS Flights to and from Tel Aviv are excluded from upgrades into First class.

And this is how it works

If your flight is eligible for SWISS Upgrade Bargain, you will either see an invitation at the end of your booking on or we will notify you via email. You can also place your bid directly in our Manage booking section.

  1. Step 1

    Enter your bid per route, and follow the further instructions on the website. As soon as we receive your bid, you will receive an email confirmation from us.

  2. Step 2

    You can change or withdraw your bid at any time up to 132 hours before the planned departure.

  3. Step 3

    Between 132 and 48 hours before the planned departure time we will inform you by email whether your bid has been successful or not.

If your bid is successful, your bid amount will be debited to your indicated credit card. Miles & More payment is not possible. We will then send you new e-tickets. You will receive your SWISS First boarding passes at check-in.

If your bid is not accepted, the ticket you originally ordered and received will remain valid, unchanged. There will be no additional costs or charges for you.