European flights redefined

C Series joins the SWISS fleet

The Bombardier C Series sets new standards in sustainability, efficiency and comfort. Fly to one of our attractive destinations in Europe, and enjoy a new travel experience.

Innovation for you and the environment

SWISS is the first airline in the world to order a total of 30 Bombardier type C Series 100 and C Series 300 aircraft . Thanks to the latest technology in engines, systems and materials, the C series is currently considered the most innovative aeroplane. It is used on European routes, and is to replace the Avro RJ100.

Flight experience and comfort

  • Light cabin and better views

    Large windows positioned closely together allow plenty of daylight into the cabin, which provides a new sense of space. Lean against your window and enjoy the views.

  • More screens

    What is also new is that there are screens above every row of seats that show films and display the flight information during your flight.

  • Easy to store your hand baggage

    There is plenty of space in the new overhead compartments for your hand baggage. It only takes moments to put it away. The new design has greatly increased the feeling of spaciousness in the cabin.

  • Better ventilation

    The air conditioning is automatically controlled according to the number of passengers. This guarantees the best possible ventilation and a pleasant temperature for every seat.

  • Relax and enjoy

    Whether dining or working, the table support is now positioned in the middle, which means there is always plenty of room for your knees even with the table folded down.

Innovation and the environment

  • Low CO2 emissions

    The fuel consumption has been reduced by 20 percent, and with it the CO2 emissions as well. This is thanks to the newly developed engines, optimised aerodynamics and lightweight construction.

  • Quietest commercial aircraft

    The noise level that is perceived by the human ear has been halved. The new C series is an important contribution by SWISS to the quality of life of the people who live near the airport.

  • Optimum aerodynamics

    The combination of the specially shaped wings and winglets and the optimum engine size reduces the fuel consumption.

  • Fly light

    The weight of the aircraft has been reduced by a tonne, thanks in no small part to the new kind of aluminium and selected composites.

  • Innovative braking system

    The C series is the first aircraft to use an electric braking system. This increases efficiency and reduces wear. It also provides a softer landing for passengers.

Working above the clouds

  • Better outlook

    The cockpit was developed specifically to fulfil our pilots' requirements. Now, for instance, all the relevant information can be projected to them at eye level.

  • Pleasant service

    The on-board kitchen, the galley, has also been redesigned. The functional and ergonomic design supports our cabin crew with their work.

C Series schedule

Fly the C Series from Zurich to the following destinations (outbound and return flight).

You will find out which aircraft type is being used by clicking on the flight number when you make your booking.