Inflight Menu from Tokyo to Zurich

September 2017 to end November 2017
  • *Created by our featured chef Kiyomi Mikuni, “Hotel de Mikuni” Yotsuya, Tokyo

    Kiyomi Mikuni

    On SWISS First and Business cabins from Tokyo, you can enjoy a creative of Japanese star chef of French cuisine, Kiyomi Mikuni, who was trained with the legendary chef, Frédy Girardet in Switzerland. He is the managing chef of “Hôtel de Mikuni” in Tokyo since 1985 and receives important guests from around the world.

SWISS First (Lunch)

First Class Menu (PDF)

SWISS Business (Lunch)

Business Class Menu (PDF)

SWISS Economy (Lunch)

Japanese-style fried chicken
Vegetable cannelloni Cream and tomato sauce

SWISS at your service

The quicker option

A cold composition of starter, cheese and dessert to be enjoyed promptly after take-off, allowing you more time to sleep, work or simply relax and enjoy your flight. This service is only available on SWISS First/Business.

Special Menu

If you require a special meal due to medical reasons such as allergies, surgery or illness, contact our SWISS Service Center for further information at least 5 days before departure.

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Please accept our apology if your first choice is not available.