A la carte dining

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • A selection of 6 different “a la carte dining” meals is offered, for an additional fee, on longhaul flights ex Switzerland in Economy class. A choice of one of the 6 offered meals can be booked in advance up until 24 hours prior to departure of the flight. In addition to the meal, a small bottle (375ml) of red or white wine can be pre-purchased along with one of our meals.
  • The meal service referred to as “a la carte dining” is available for reservation via swiss.com when purchasing a ticket for a SWISS flight or at a later date through the “swiss.com/PROFILE” portal. Note that the “a la carte dining” meal will replace the 1st meal service, for the second service, the regular snack or meal will be served at no extra charge. The regular long-haul flight beverage service will still take place at no extra charge.
  • Purchase of the service is available to customers with ticketed reservations for SWISS operated (LX) flights only and only if booked on a SWISS (LX) flight number excluding all wet-lease flights and flight numbers LX8xxx.
  • A maximum of one meal may be purchased per segment by each passenger.
  • “A la carte dining” reservations are also possible for children from two to eleven (2-11) years of age.
  • “A la carte dining” reservations are not possible for passengers under two (2) years of age (infants).
  • Passengers under sixteen (16) years of age will not receive wine (out of CH). No compensation can be claimed.
  • Purchase may be made online up to 24hrs prior to flight departure (also if you are already checked-in).
  • The “a la carte dining” service is subject to availability. Only a limited number of meals is available due to restricted capacity. If the “a la carte dining” meal is not available you will be served the regular Economy Class meal.
  • Meals from the “a la carte dining” can only be ordered on swiss.com.
  • Charges quoted on swiss.com are listed with all taxes included and will be billed in the currency of the flight departure country.
  • The receipt will be available to print via swiss.com for confirmation of purchase and will be sent by e-mail to the address specified during the purchase process.
  • SWISS reserves the right to change the rates, terms and conditions of the “a la carte dining” service at any time without notice.
  • The meal from the “a la carte dining” served during your flight may differ in quantity, taste and appearance from the picture or written description available on www.swiss.com. The listed ingredients may also be replaced by equivalent ingredients without prior notice. The pictures provided are for illustrative purposes only and imply no responsibility on the part of SWISS.
  • The “a la carte dining” meal might be subject to changes. SWISS would refund the already purchased meal in case your booked meal would not be available anymore at time of flight.
  • The option to order a special meal (e.g. Kosher meal) instead of an “a la carte” meal remains unaffected. Please note that a special meal might require an order earlier than 24hrs before departure (for specific meal information please see our Special Meal info page.

Cancellation and Refund

  • Once you have ordered an “a la carte dining” meal it is not possible to change the meal type nor is it refundable (a cancellation of your meal order is possible until at least 24hrs before departure, but no compensation can be claimed).
  • If you cancel your flight journey the respective pre-reserved and pre-paid “a la carte dining” meals are not refundable.
  • In case of voluntary rebooking on to another LX flight/date (excluding all wet-lease flights and flight numbers LX8xxx) the “a la carte dining” meal can be transferred to such other flight/date by you. No compensation can be claimed if meal is not available on the new flight.
  • Pre-paid “a la carte dining” meal purchased on swiss.com is not refundable if the customer rebooks onto a non-LX flight, a wet-lease flight or a flight with flight numbers LX8xxx.
  • In case of rebooking to a higher compartment (Business Class or First Class), “a la carte dining” meal is refundable (needs to be requested via swiss.com/refund).
  • In case of an involuntary upgrade to a higher compartment performed by SWISS for operational or other reasons, no refund can be claimed.
  • Pre-paid “a la carte dining” meal purchased on swiss.com is not transferable to other persons or airlines.


  • The “a la carte dining” meal can be transferred to another LX flight/date up to 24hrs prior to departure. To do so, please contact your service center.
  • The document expires and is non-refundable after your journey with SWISS is completed, for which the “a la carte dining” is issued.
  • SWISS will take every possible measure to provide you with the meal ordered in compliance with the present terms and conditions. However, if for operational irregularities an involuntary re-booking occurs and it may not be possible to fulfill the pre-purchased “a la carte dining” meal the amount is fully refundable and no additional payment can be claimed.


The same rules and rates apply for “a la carte dining” meals that are purchased for children as for adult passengers.

General Conditions of Carriage

“A la carte dining” reservation is subject to SWISS’ Conditions of Carriage.