Light art over the rooftops of Barcelona

SWISS bathes Sagrat Cor in a unique sea of light

Europe-wide movement for greater consideration in our dealings with each other.

The next symbol for the cause of attentiveness shone over the rooftops of Barcelona on 25 February 2015. As part of the SWISS-initiated movement, the internationally renowned light artist Gerry Hofstetter bathed the highest church in Barcelona – Sagrat Cor – in a sea of light made up of pairs of eyes belonging to SWISS cabin crew. They represent, as a leitmotif, the eye contact between people, and are intended to encourage us all to be more considerate in our dealings with others.

The impressive light art attracted not only passers-by and visitors to Tibidabo Park, which surrounds the church, but due to its exceptional location high up a mountain, the uniquely illuminated facade of the Sagrat Cor could also be seen far beyond the environs of Barcelona – and caused people on the streets of the Catalonian capital to stop for a moment and ponder the value over of attentiveness.

Sagrat Cor

SWISS has been involved with the cultural project for greater consideration in our dealings with each other since the end of 2014. Following light installations in London, Hamburg and Vienna, Barcelona was the fourth time the lights went on in the cause of attentiveness. The next stops: Paris and Milan.