Hold the booking

General terms and conditions

Depending on the route and class of travel, you can reserve your flight for up to 72 hours. This applies for flights with a SWISS flight number (LX) that are booked at least one day before departure.

Cancellation or booking

Purchasing the option "Hold the booking" gives you the right to purchase a fixed number of tickets at a specific price within a certain period of time. The charge and deadline are determined by the route or class of travel.

You can use your reference number to cancel or confirm the purchased reservation at swiss.com. The options are only available within the specified period. The consideration period is always based on local time at the departure airport.

If the consideration period expires without you having cancelled, the ticket (or tickets) and chosen services will automatically be issued.


The charge for this option cannot be reimbursed. The full amount of your booking will be charged to the payment method you provided. The authorisation query to the provider of your credit or debit card will be made when the flight is booked.

Transfer and expiry

Hold my booking cannot be transferred or sold to anyone else. The reservation will expire on cancellation or at the end of the consideration period if it is changed to a booking.

SWISS reserves the right not to offer Hold my booking for certain routes or travel classes.