Award-winning culinary delights

Meals in SWISS Business

Enjoy a taste experience on the very highest level. Thanks to the skills of renowned top chefs, the quality of the freshest products and the service provided by an award-winning Business Class.

European flights

Depending on the time of day, we will pamper you with an extensive breakfast, lunch or evening meal. Our dishes are made with fresh, regional products and to the highest Swiss quality. To go with them, we offer you an extensive selection of beverages, including Champagne, and the personal service of the SWISS Business Crew.

SWISS Traditions

SWISS Traditions will surprise you on certain flights with a delicious mix of cultural and culinary delights. Look forward to exclusive menus based on traditional Swiss recipes. Experience the cultural heritage of a country through unique taste experiences.

Between 29 March – 11 April 2017, SWISS will be celebrating the Cully Jazz Festival by serving exclusive dishes in SWISS Business on board selected European flights.

In the heart of the Lavaux wine region, which UNESCO declared a World Heritage site, lies a picturesque wine village called Cully. Here, lovers of music have been able to enjoy magnificent concerts for over 35 years. Strolling from one caveau (wine cellar) to the next, one can not only enjoy jazzy compositions of world-class artists and newcomers, but also a unique atmosphere with lots of culinary delicacies. By now, this terrific mixture draws a crowd of more than 50,000 people from all over the world. This year’s Cully Jazz Festival takes place from 31 March until 8 April 2017.

You can start looking forward to the culinary highlights on board, too. For example, we’ll be serving a tartar of smoked Balik salmon. On longer flights, we’ll be offering a choice of beef filet with a shallot crust and a gratin typical of the canton of Vaud. For dessert, you can look forward to a Chasselas sabayon, served with rhubarb compote.

Intercontinental flights

Our service is individual and based entirely on your requirements. After a drink to welcome you on board, you can enjoy our award-winning cuisine as a light Quick Meal or in several courses, accompanied by fine wines. And if you feel peckish in between, we have a selection of snacks and ice creams to tempt you.

SWISS Taste of Switzerland

SWISS Taste of Switzerland is served on all flights departing from Switzerland. This award-winning gastronomic concept lets top Swiss chefs interpret the culinary variety of our country in their own unique ways. The results are seasonal dishes from Swiss regions that impress and delight.

From December 2016 to February 2017 SWISS First and Business passengers on intercontinental flights departing from Switzerland will be able to enjoy savoury culinary delights from the canton of Grisons.

7132 is not only the postal code of Vals but also represents the highest culinary delights created by top chef Sven Wassmer at the Restaurant 7132 Silver. His contemporary creations combine exquisite treasures of the region with the best ingredients from around the world. Head Chef Sven Wassmer combines wild fruits, herbs and mushrooms hand-picked from the surrounding valleys with the world’s finest delicacies. In an inimitable way he tells culinary stories, influenced by his international haute cuisine experience. Taking pleasure in the interplay between avant-garde and nostalgia, the “Discovery of the Year 2016” already has 17 GaultMillau points and two Michelin stars.

Rendezvous with the Peninsula Hotels

The world famous five-star hotel in Hong Kong truly pampers your palate thanks to its Swiss head chef Florian Trento and his exquisite menus. The menu selection alters every three months, ensuring a constant flow of culinary surprises.

Together, the Peninsula Hong Kong Hotel and SWISS have been setting ultra-high standards in terms of innovation, quality and hospitality for three years now. The exclusive on-board menu combines traditional dishes from the Peninsula with our distinctive Swissness, characterised by exciting, seasonally varying culinary creations.

Available on flights in SWISS First and Business from Hong Kong / Bangkok / Shanghai / Beijing to Zurich.

The Peninsula Hotels