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With clear skies and a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy such as hiking and biking, crystal clear lakes and exciting towns, Switzerland is the perfect summer holiday destination.

What makes Switzerland the perfect summer outdoor destination? We reckon it's the unique combination of breathtaking views, unspoiled nature, the deep-blue lakes, pretty villages and historic cities, world-class cultural attractions and manageable size.

Switzerland has something on offer for everyone!

Sports and active holidays

Active holidays

Switzerland offers everything that a cyclist’s heart desires: lite flat routes, challenging mountain passes, pristine backroads for strong road cyclists and Alpine routes. Grab your bike and explore more than 1,600 miles of cycling routes in the beauty of Switzerland!

With over 37,280 miles of signposted paths, Switzerland is a hiking paradise for all. Hikers can look forward to summit hikes, panoramic trails and vineyard walks. Switzerland offers outings to suit every taste – from gentle strolls in the sunshine to demanding hikes up in the giddying heights.

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City trips

The Swiss cities are stylish and diverse with a wealth of museums, delightful visitor attractions, superb shopping and buzzing nightlife that can be conveniently reached within walking distance. Switzerland is not all cheese and chocolate, the different regions invite all to delve into a culinary journey, from haute cuisine to local specialities accompanied by the finest Swiss wines, in all corners of the country. A city break in Switzerland promises pure pleasure.

  • Zurich - Switzerland's trendsetting city

    Zurich - Switzerland's trendsetting city

    Zurich – the city of many sides. The city where the urban lies cheek-by-jowl with nature. The Old Town is right next to the cool industrial quarter. Luxurious brands next to fabulous trend labels. Sightseeing and a pure enjoyment of art.

  • Geneva - Switzerland's world city

    Geneva - Switzerland's world city

    Geneva is also known as the «smallest of the big metropolises» or the «City of peace». Switzerland’s second-biggest city in the French-speaking part of the country is home to around 20 international organisations.

  • Lugano - Switzerland's city of palms

    Lugano - Switzerland's city of palms

    The biggest city in Ticino, Switzerland’s sun parlour, is surrounded by mountains and situated beside atmosphere Lake Lugano. Lugano is a small city with a charm that is all its own.

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If your bike weighs more than 23kg or if you exceed your baggage allowance please note that the following fees apply:

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