Corporate Travel

Corporate benefit programmes for our business customers

For our small to medium-sized business customers, we have the perfect rewards programmes to suit your needs.

Is business travel part of your company’s activity throughout the year? Are you looking for ways to optimise and get more from your travel budget? SWISS is your reliable partner for your business travel needs. Take advantage of the extensive route network of SWISS and its partner airlines, benefit from solutions and services customised to lower your travel costs. When you team up with SWISS and its partner airlines, you can you look forward to special conditions, incentive models and other attractive award programmes.

SWISS Online Booking Tool

SWISS Online Booking Tool offers small and medium sized companies in the UK and Ireland the opportunity to make savings on company travel budgets.

This time efficient programme allows you to book your business travel on SWISS flights online at any time 24 hours per day.

Complete the SWISS Online Booking Tool form for your company and enjoy the convenience of being able to book flights outside normal business hours. It’s fast and convenient over the internet. We are open around the clock.

Who can join?

Any small or medium sized company based in UK or Ireland is welcome to participate. Take advantage of profiles and savings on fares tailored to your company’s needs, subject to Swiss International Air Lines' criteria.

SWISS Online Booking Tool - Your benefits

  • New and improved discounts on a wider range of SWISS fares between UK and Ireland to Switzerland and additionally on selected long-haul journeys.
  • Benefit from an individualised service for your company.
  • Bookings can be made any time of the day or night.
  • Our travel profile facility saves you valuable time.
  • View your company bookings quickly and easily online.

Take advantage of SWISS Online Booking Tool and register today!

Register for SWISS Online Booking Tool

PartnerPlusBenefit (formerly Star Alliance Company Plus)

PartnerPlusBenefit at a glance

Participation in PartnerPlusBenefit saves our members worldwide millions of pounds every year. Whether your business relies on daily air travel or you only need to fly once a year – PartnerPlusBenefit membership is free and cuts your company travel cost from the very first flight. Your small or medium-sized company could be earning BenefitPoints whenever you or any of your colleagues fly with one of our 10 airlines to well over 500 destinations all around the world. BenefitPoints can be spent for flights, upgrades or a fast growing range of rewards. Every month hundreds of companies join. So why not enrol and enjoy the rewards of the world's largest travel rewards programme for companies?

Enrol in our PartnerPlusBenefit programme today!

Why should you enrol?

  • Cut the cost of your flights from the very first booking you make with the programme.
  • PartnerPlusBenefit is free to join and we also offer you up to 1,500 BenefitPoints as a welcome gift earning you enough BenefitPoints for a Business Class Upgrade for your first trip.
  • There's a wide range of ways in which you can spend your points, be it on hotels, airport parking, cashback, limousine transfers or with selected partners. Find out more about how you can spend your points here.
  • Access your online account 24 hours a day, putting you fully in control.
  • We also have regular promotions, providing you with ample opportunity to top up your BenefitPoints balance.