Affordable Switzerland

Travel Switzerland on a budget

When you think of Switzerland a few things might come to mind: Cheese, chocolates, watches, cows, the Alps, skiing….and oh yes, expensive. But that doesn’t mean budget travelers should take it off their lists. We have put together some tips for saving money on a trip to Switzerland.

1. Fly with SWISS directly to Switzerland from £55 one way

SWISS offers more than 170 weekly flights from London Heathrow, London City, Birmingham, Manchester, Dublin and Edinburgh directly to Zurich or Geneva. Choose from Economy Light, Economy Classic, Economy Flex and SWISS Business to get the ticket that suits you best.

2. Travel by public transport

You can get almost everywhere in Switzerland by public transport. If you plan to travel around Switzerland get more information about the Swiss Travel System which offers various ticket types.If you are planning to take a trip, make sure to check out to find special online deals which are often way cheaper than purchasing a ticket at a counter.When staying in one city or region inform yourself about the local transport network to find out which ticket suits you best. You can do that either online or at the counter at any train station or airport.

3. Accommodation

If you are looking for cheap accommodation don’t stay in the city center and avoid hotels. Book a youth hostel or Airbnb instead. If you prefer a hotel make sure that you look for one outside of the bigger cities. Depending on the location, the big cities (e.g. Zurich or Geneva) can be reached easy and fast by train every few minutes.

4. Food

You can save a lot of money by buying your food in grocery stores. The two biggest, Migros and Coop, both have their own low price product line (Migros: M-Budget / Coop: Prix Garantie).

5. Avoid touristic areas when eating out

Look for restaurants outside of touristic areas when eating out to save money and meet some locals.

6. Drink tap water

Water quality in Switzerland’s very good and everybody drinks tap water. Rather refill your bottle at your accommodation or at a restroom than spending money on buying a new bottle.

1. Free events

There are lots of events that are for free. The annual Street Parade for example, Europe’s biggest Techno party which takes place in Zurich is for free. And so is the Züri Fäscht, a big city festival that takes place in Zurich as well and which is famous for its huge fireworks. There’s always something going on in Switzerland so you better make sure to check out the tourism website of your destination to not miss a thing!

2. Swimming in a lake or river

There are over 7000 lakes in Switzerland and numerous rivers too. All of them are very clean so why not take a refreshing bath in a lake or river instead of paying an entrance fee for a public swimming pool?

3. Museums

Owners of a pass from the Swiss Travel System can visit more than 490 museums in Switzerland free of charge. For those who don’t own such a pass, don’t worry, many museums are free for one day of the week.

4. Free bike loans

Many of Switzerland’s biggest cities offer free bike loans. It’s basically the same as the Boris Bikes, just for free.

5. Botanical Gardens

Most of Switzerland’s botanical gardens are free of charge.

6. Hiking

Last but not least: Hiking in the Swiss mountains. Enjoy the most beautiful mountain sceneries and panoramic views whilst hiking in idyllic landscapes.