Notification service

Current flight times by SMS and email

You will be notified automatically if there are any changes to your flight times. Register for our Notification service so you always have the latest information.

Always on the safe side

Enter your mobile number or email address in your SWISS profile or when you book. You may also use the form below. You will be notified of any changes to your flight times in the 48-hour period before your departure.

  • Instant notification via text message or email
  • If flights are cancelled at the last minute
  • In the event of delays of more than 30 minutes
  • Available for almost all SWISS flights
  • Free, fast and reliable

Legal disclaimer

The passenger or travel agent is responsible for ensuring that the information provided is correct. The information that you receive from the Notification service is chosen carefully, and coordinated with flight operations. Despite this, it is possible that system problems could result in messages being sent incomplete, late or not at all.

For operational reasons, no messages will be sent in the event of individual irregularities. We suggest that you also check your arrival and departure times online.

Arrivals and departures

The Notification service is in English, and is available for the following connections:

  • SWISS flights worldwide (except flights from Cairo and Delhi)
  • Flights in cooperation with Edelweiss Air (LX 8000-8499)
  • SWISS holiday flights (LX 8500-8999)
  • Direct bookings only (not on tour)