Impressive highlight in the movement for attentiveness

SWISS sets hundreds of pairs of eyes looking out over the Alps and Europe

Europe-wide movement for greater consideration in our dealings with each other.

Our movement for greater consideration in our dealings with each other has now reached its highlight in Switzerland. After light installations in various European metropolises, SWISS returned home for the final of its attentiveness tour where, on 3 November 2015 in collaboration with the artist Gerry Hofstetter, it will illuminate enormous balloons high over the Swiss Alps.

Back in focus: Sets of eyes. This time however they come from hundreds of people throughout Europe who participated in the movement earlier on and who hold the value of attentiveness as dearly as SWISS does.

Artfully staged, their eyes are symbolic for eye contact between people. They represent attentiveness, togetherness and solidarity, and are intended to encourage us to treat each other with more consideration again, especially in times of international challenges. No matter who they are or where they come from. Three thousand metres in the sky, together with SWISS, hundreds of people from Europe set a symbol lit a beacon for more interpersonal attentiveness.

The light installation in the Swiss Alps represents the spectacular end conclusion of the European tour for attentiveness in the home of SWISS – at the heart of Europe.