Typical German holiday habits – refined

"SWISSED" wants to take the Swiss characteristics of quality and perfection to various European metropolises and show you, with a twinkle, what "Made of Switzerland" means – and why it is always a good idea to fly SWISS.

Germany is not only world famous for its football skills: when on holiday, our neighbours are considered the world champions in reserving sun loungers, both by the sea and by the pool. They usually spread their towels over the sun loungers first thing in the morning – a tried-and-tested way of guaranteeing themselves the best spot in the sun.

In line with our "SWISSED" initiative, we accepted the challenge of refining this cultural quirk – with a twinkle – in a very Swiss way, and we have added a very small but very fine touch of quality to the German bagging of sun loungers, entirely in line with the motto of "Made in Switzerland".

Watch the following video to see whether and how we managed this, and what our sun lounger brigade managed to achieve on Majorca.

The perfect spot in the sun for German holiday-makers: "SWISSED" by SWISS.