Article 11

Conduct aboard aircraft

11.1 General

If, in our opinion, you conduct yourself in such a way that you endanger the aircraft or any person or property on board, obstruct the crew or fail to comply with any instructions of the crew, especially with respect to smoking or alcohol or drug consumption, or if you behave in a manner which causes discomfort, inconvenience, damage or injury to other passengers or the crew, we may take such measures as we deem reasonably necessary to prevent the continuation of such conduct, including restraint. You may be removed from the aircraft and refused onward carriage, and you may be prosecuted for any offences committed on board.

It is forbidden to consume any alcohol which you may have personally brought on board. It is also forbidden to bring any drugs on board or to consume them on board.

On all our flights smoking is prohibited.

11.2 Electronic devices

For safety reasons, we may prohibit or restrict the use aboard the aircraft of electronic equipment, especially cellular phones, laptop computers, portable recorders, portable radios, CD players, electronic games or transmitting devices, radio-controlled toys and walkie-talkies. The use of hearing aids and heart pacemakers is permitted.