Optional Service Fees & Customer Service Plans

SWISS includes most services in the ticket price, but there are a few services which may include additional fees.
This page gives a summary of optional services and the associated fees with links to more information on swiss.com.

Baggage guidelines on intercontinental flights

On intercontinental flights, the tickets for all classes include at least 1 item of baggage. The information in the table applies per person on all SWISS flights. An item of baggage must not exceed 158 cm in size (width + height + depth).

SWISS Economy SWISS Business SWISS First
Number of baggage items
SWISS Economy
1 x max. 23 kg
SWISS Business
2 x max. 32 kg
3 x max. 32 kg
Max. total weight
SWISS Economy
Total weight max. 23 kg
SWISS Business
Total weight max. 64 kg
Total weight max. 96 kg

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Special care and services

More about special services and fees

Accessible travel

Support for passengers with disabilities.

We assist passengers with disabilities at the airport and during the flight. Take care of the main preparations so we can get any obstacles out of the way for you.

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Travelling with children

Children usually find it really exciting to be on an aircraft. And if the little ones have been well prepared, the parents can relax on their journey. Special rules apply for children who are travelling alone.

  • Children up to 3 years

    By law, infants must be accompanied by an adult when travelling. The UM service is not available.

  • Children aged 3 to and including 4 years

    The UM service is not available for children travelling alone. If the child is accompanied by a minor aged between 12 and 17 years, the UM service is compulsory for both. If travelling with a brother or sister (16 or older), the UM service is available but not compulsory.

  • Children aged 5 to and including 11 years

    The UM service is compulsory for children travelling alone. If travelling with a companion of at least 12 years of age, the UM service is available but not compulsory.

  • Children aged 12 to and including 17 years

    The UM service is available but not compulsory.

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Travelling with animals

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Customer service plan

The SWISS Customer Service Plan is the result of rules put forth by the U.S. Department of Transportation aiming to improve the air travel environment for Airline Customers.
Our Customer Service Plan meets or exceeds all requirements imposed by DOT and applies on all of our scheduled or charter flights to or from the United States.

    When you inquire about a fare or make a reservation on SWISS.COM, through our telephone reservation system, or at one of our airport ticket counters, we will notify you that the lowest fare offered may be available elsewhere if that is the case. If your travel schedule is flexible, our representatives will upon request look for lower-cost alternative itineraries on other dates.
    When unforeseen problems occur and flights are 30 minutes or more delayed, canceled or diverted, SWISS will notify its customers with the most current and accurate information within 30 minutes after SWISS becomes aware of such a change in the status of a flight, provided that the flight experiencing the delay, cancellation, or diversion is scheduled to depart within seven days.
    We therefore will:
    • Actively inform you of flight status changes via SMS whenever your cell phone number is indicated in your booking;
    • Provide our gate agents, flight crew and other appropriate personnel with the necessary information concerning flight delays, cancellations and diversions;
    • Update the flight information displayed at airport gates and airport kiosks if we learn of the delay, cancellation, or diversion within the time period during which flight information is being displayed; and
    • Update the flight information in our telephone reservation system, as well as in our online “Timetable” and “Flight Status” functionalities on SWISS.COM.
    Should your travel itinerary change more than seven days from your flight’s scheduled departure, we will strive to notify you as quickly as possible. If you have a question about an upcoming flight, please call us in the United States at 1-877-359-7947.
    We do everything to get your checked baggage to you on time. If your checked baggage is delayed or misplaced, we will make every reasonable effort to deliver your bags to you within 24 hours. If you have extra expenses because of baggage delay and are eligible to receive compensation, we will compensate you for necessary out-of-pocket expenses up to the maximum allowance eligible for your booking. If your bag is lost, we will reimburse any fee you paid to transport the bag. (evtl. Linked to the respective page on swiss.com)
    When you make a ticket reservation via the SWISS Service Center or at a SWISS Ticket Desk, it will be held at the quoted fare without payment for twenty-four hours, provided that the reservation is made one week or more before the flight’s departure.
    When you book a ticket on SWISS.COM, via the SWISS Service Center or at a SWISS Ticket Desk, your reservation can be cancelled free of charge within twenty-four hours, provided that the reservation is made one week or more before the flight’s departure. Please note that such cancellations can only be done by the SWISS Service Center, at a SWISS Ticket Desk or on swiss.com.
    We will refund Tickets or any unused Flight Coupons in accordance with the applicable Tariff provisions in a timely manner once we receive your request accompanied by any required documentation. When refunds are allowed, we will refund the purchase price, less any applicable service fees, to the original form of payment. When a passenger purchases an eligible ticket in the United States using a credit card, we will provide necessary refunds within seven business days of our receipt of all required refund information from the passenger. Tickets purchased with a check will be refunded within 20 business days of our receipt of all required information from the passenger.
    You may apply for a refund by completing the respective form on SWISS.COM, by sending a written request, by calling the SWISS Service Center or through your travel agent.

    Refunds of flight tickets paid for via credit card will only be credited to the account used to pay for the tickets originally. The refund amount shall conform solely to the amount and currency specified on the flight ticket in accordance with the terms and conditions of this clause. The refund amount credited to the credit card holder’s account may deviate from the amount originally paid for the refunded flight ticket thanks to conversions and fees levied by the credit card company. Please make sure you have cancelled your reservation before requesting a refund and remember to provide in your correspondence the passenger’s name, the address, the credit card number used for purchase, ticket number(s), the date of travel as well as departure and destination cities.
    Based on our strengths in personal care, SWISS hospitality and SWISS quality make our guests feel as if they were at home. This especially applies to our customers who require additional assistance, including individuals with disabilities and unaccompanied minors.
    Customers with disabilities
    At the airport or on board – We assist passengers with disabilities with many services adapted to their individual situation. The special service depends on the kind and degree of impairment. Please check our website SWISS.COM for further details.
    During lengthy tarmac delays, our cabin crew will make every effort to properly accommodate customers with disabilities or special needs.
    If your travel includes another carrier, please check directly with that carrier for any of your travel needs, as different policies and procedures may apply.
    Requirements for minors who travel alone
    According to international law, children under the age of 12 years are not allowed to travel alone. Children ages 5-11 years old who are intended to travel without adult company, are therefore obliged to use our “Unaccompanied Minors (UM)” service which provides them with special assistance at the airport and on board. Children ages 12-17 are considered “adult” and may travel alone. Please check our website SWISS.COM for further details.
    When circumstances arise that cause our customers to experience lengthy Tarmac delays, our “Contingency Plan for Lengthy Tarmac Delays” will be activated to ensure that our customers’ needs are properly accommodated during the delay.
    Due to operational requirements, inventory control policies and a varying degree of no-show passengers, there will be times when passengers cannot be accommodated on their booked flight.
    If you are in such a so-called oversale situation, you will not be denied a seat until we’ve first asked for volunteers who give up their seat in exchange for compensation and travel on a later, specified flight. If there are not enough volunteers, we will deny boarding to passengers in accordance with our company policy on boarding priority. If you are involuntarily denied boarding and have complied with our check-in and other applicable rules, we shall give you a written statement describing your rights, we will compensate you, we will arrange transportation on an alternate flight and we will provide you with the assistance and the care you need according to the situation.
    SWISS will provide you with all necessary information about policies and service aspects on our website SWISS.COM and, upon request, through our SWISS Service Center staff and our representatives at the airport. This especially means information about:
    - All important terms and conditions that apply to your ticket and travel, including cancellation policies
    - Any change of aircraft on a single flight with the same flight number
    - Aircraft configuration, including seat size, seat distance and seat pitch, as well as the availability of lavatories.
    In addition we also make information about our Miles & More frequent flyer program available on SWISS.COM, on the Miles & More webpage, in our inflight magazine as well as in materials provided upon enrollment and in updates to Miles & More members.
    SWISS will acknowledge written complaints within 30 days of their receipt and our Customer Service Department will send a substantive written response within 60 days of receiving your written complaint.
    All complaints should include the following information:
    - Ticket number/confirmation code
    - Full mailing address
    - Flight numbers, city pairs and dates of travel
    - Traveler names
    Complaints sent via postal service should be addressed to:
    Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.
    SWISS Customer Service
    P.O. Box
    CH-4002 Basel

    For US residents:
    Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. SWISS Customer Service
    1640 Hempstead Turnpike 5th floor
    East meadow NY 11554 USA

    Complaints via email should be sent to: Complaints and Compliments
    If one of our flights is cancelled or significantly delayed, we will do our best to reroute you on our next flight with available seats or on a flight with another carrier. If one of our flights may be diverted (i.e. forced to land at an alternate location), we will try to inform you before departure if we believe such a diversion is possible. If the decision is made to divert after the aircraft is airborne, our flight crew will inform you. If your diverted flight is subsequently cancelled, we will do our best to reroute you on another flight as soon as possible.

SWISS Contingency plan for Lengthy Tarmac Delays

This Contingency Plan for Lengthy Tarmac Delays does not create contractual or legal rights, nor legally bind SWISS for actions taken in conformance of this plan. SWISS’ contractual rights and obligations are listed in the company’s Conditions of Carriage and applicable tariffs. These resources provide customers with additional information on the matters discussed herein, and should be carefully reviewed to ensure that customers fully understand their rights and our obligations.

The SWISS Contingency Plan for Lengthy Tarmac Delays is the result of rules put forth by the U.S. Department of Transportation to address airline service during conditions that result on long on-board delays for passengers. Our contingency plan meets or exceeds all requirements imposed by DOT and is intended to provide you with information regarding SWISS' policies and procedures for handling your travel on our airline in the event of a lengthy ground delay for your aircraft. Our contingency plan applies on all of our scheduled or charter flights to or from the United States.

Definition of Tarmac delay
Tarmac delay means the holding of an aircraft on the ground either before taking off or after landing with no opportunity for its passengers to deplane.

Limit of lengthy Tarmac delay
SWISS will not permit an aircraft to remain on the tarmac for more than four hours for all flights that depart from or arrive at a U.S. airport. Prior to reaching four hours, SWISS will return the aircraft to the gate, or another suitable disembarkation point, where passengers will be allowed to deplane unless:
- The captain determines there is a safety-related or security-related reason why the aircraft cannot leave its position on the tarmac to deplane passengers.
- Air traffic control advises the captain that returning to the gate or another disembarkation point elsewhere in order to deplane passengers would significantly disrupt airport operations.

Information of passengers during a lengthy Tarmac delay
SWISS will ensure that the passengers on a delayed flight will receive notifications regarding the status of the delay every 30 minutes while the aircraft is delayed, including the reasons for the tarmac delay, if known. Beginning 30 minutes after scheduled departure time (including any revised departure time that passengers were notified about before boarding) and continuing at 30 minute intervals thereafter, SWISS will also provide passengers on a delayed flight with the information that they have the opportunity to deplane from an aircraft that is at the gate or another disembarkation area with the door open if the opportunity to deplane actually exists. Passengers who choose to deplane may not be permitted to re-board and will be notified of this possibility if it exists.

Passenger services during a lengthy Tarmac delay
For all flights, SWISS will provide its passengers with adequate food and potable water no later than two hours after the aircraft leaves the gate (in the case of a departure) or touches down (in the case of an arrival) if the aircraft remains on the tarmac, unless the pilot in command determines that safety or security considerations preclude such service.
For all flights, SWISS will ensure that operable lavatory facilities, as well as adequate medical attention if needed, are available while the aircraft remains on the tarmac.

SWISS has coordinated this Plan with airport authorities (including terminal facility operators where applicable) at each large, medium, small, and non-hub U.S. airport that it serves, including its regular U.S. diversion airports. SWISS has coordinated this Plan with U.S. Customs and Border Protection at each large, medium, small, and non-hub U.S. airport that it regularly uses for international flights, including its diversion airports. SWISS has coordinated this Plan with the Transportation Security Administration at each large, medium, small, and non-hub U.S. airport that it serves, including its diversion airports.

Assurance of Resources
SWISS has sufficient resources to implement this plan.

Flights operated by a Codeshare Partner
For any SWISS flight operated by a Codeshare partner the Contingency plan of the operating carrier shall be applicable.

Putting our Contingency Plan in Action
If, after consulting with applicable airport authorities, we determine the conditions are safe, passengers may exit the aircraft, either at a terminal gate or at a designated aircraft parking position, depending on the circumstances. If a terminal is not available, passengers may be provided stairs and transportation back to the terminal building.

In the event passengers leave the aircraft, we reserve the right to refuse re-boarding.

All passengers will be offered drinking water and, if possible, full beverage service during a lengthy Tarmac delay. Adequate food will also be provided, although we may not necessarily offer full food service. These resources will be provided in accordance with the time limits established above.

All SWISS flight crew members are trained to address our passengers’ basic medical needs. If, during a lengthy Tarmac delay a passenger requires significant medical attention, SWISS will work with medical service providers to ensure our passengers’ needs are met.