Quality. Service. Attention to detail. We are the airline of Switzerland.

We do things properly or not at all – and it’s the small things that bring us closer to our guests. Whether you struggled in traffic to get to the airport, could not locate an airport parking spot as quickly as you would have wished or your transport was late, we know when we greet you, you are ready to settle in and relax. Thus, please accept our offer in our premium cabins of a glass of champagne, wine or water. Hand us your jacket so we may place it on a hangar for you. Or if flying in SWISS Economy, expect the most from us. The generous seat distances give you plenty of leg room, while the adjustable headrests will help you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

At SWISS, we are ready to take you to your final destination from Boston, Chicago, Newark, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco to Switzerland and beyond. We fly to 104 destinations in 48 countries. Whether you are on business to Zurich, or visiting family for the holidays in Italy, or planning a ski trip in the Alps, we welcome you to enjoy the comfort and hospitality we have on board.

Value abounds in each class of service. Our premium class seats convert into beds with personalized comfort controls. In SWISS Economy, you are the centre of attention and have meal choices and more. Special offers on swiss.com make it easy and we even let you choose from several new services to personalize your own experience with us—from special meals to seat reservations, even arranging a special surprise from someone on board. Don’t forget too that your skis and snowboards travel for free.

As the airline of Switzerland, SWISS stands for excellent service with traditional Swiss values. We do things properly or not at all. We are true to our roots. Fly SWISS today, and experience the world of SWISS.