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SWISS First Lounge

Experience SWISS First before take-off, during the transfer and on arrival. Enjoy comfort, peace and relaxation far from the bustle of the airport. You'll find Swiss hospitality, a pre-flight dinner, quiet and meeting rooms and the shuttle service to the gate in the First Lounge. Let us spoil you.

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Gifts with character

SWISS expresses its special service with exclusive touches. On night flights you'll be given some pyjamas that have been specially designed for SWISS by Zimmerli. And if you'd like to freshen up before landing, we have an amenity kit with La Prairie products for you.

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SWISS armchairs

The armchairs in SWISS First are a place for you to withdraw in peace thanks to the adjustable side panels and clever cabin layout. For truly relaxing hours in a mini suite above the clouds.

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Table and ottoman

Versatile, elegant and generous: there is enough room on the veneered oak table in SWISS First for you to work on, but it is also ideal for spreading out a newspaper to read in comfort or for a fine dinner à deux. The ottoman can be changed into a seat for an additional guest or can be somewhere to put your feet up.

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A seat for first-class travel

The seats in SWISS First offer more than first-class comfort. Each one is a personal First Class compartment that adapts entirely to your wishes – from the smoothly and continuously adjustable firmness of your seat to the horizontal bed above the clouds.

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First-class service

The most important guarantee of first-class service is, of course, our cabin crew. In SWISS First you will be looked after by specially trained flight attendants who will attend to your individual wishes as our guest in SWISS First. Tell us how you would like to spend your time on board. We are here to cater to your needs.

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Personal welcome

Welcoming passengers by name is a sign of the high esteem in which they are held. When you board the aircraft, you will be received personally by our cabin crew. We will also be pleased to have your favourite newspapers for you, as well as your favourite drink and pyjamas in your size.

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Fast-lane before passport control

SWISS First offers lots of benefits. One particular one is being able to get from the SWISS Lounge to your separate passport control quickly and without having to wait.

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Personal check-in

All over the world, SWISS First passengers have a separate check-in desk. In Zurich, you can even check-in in the SWISS First Check-in Lounge. There is no more relaxed way to start a journey.

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Gourmet cuisine on board

Guests in SWISS First can choose their own menus. We offer a selection of several starters, main courses and desserts as well as exclusive wines and champagne. The service is as it would be in a restaurant – you decide when we may serve you your meal.

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Balik smoked salmon

In addition to the Sprüngli chocolates, Swiss Birchermüsli other Swiss specialities, there is another delicacy that is served in SWISS First: Balik smoked salmon from Toggenburg. Today, tender back fillets are once again prepared by hand to an old tsarist recipe.

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SWISS First Lounge restaurant

Our SWISS First Lounge is also an à la carte restaurant. Guests in SWISS First can be served from an extensive range of salads, fine sandwiches or a multi-course pre-flight dinner. A team of head chefs is constantly at your disposal.

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SWISS Taste of Switzerland

The SWISS Taste of Switzerland gastronomic concept brings top cuisine to SWISS flights. The renowned chefs who create menus with regional specialities for SWISS only use products that are cultivated and produced in their particular areas.


  • Flying


    As the airline of Switzerland, we connect Zurich and Geneva with Europe and the world. Come with us on a virtual journey and find out more about the fascinating world of flying with SWISS.

  • People


    Our staff are the face of SWISS. They work extremely hard every day to offer passengers an unbeatable travel experience – on the ground and in the air. Meet the people who help SWISS to reach new heights day after day.

  • Swissness


    Between traditional and modern: as the airline of Switzerland, it is important to us to show our guests the multifaceted variety of Switzerland. Traditional Swiss hospitality is as much a part of this as our collaborations with top chefs, who transform top-quality products from their regions into innovative dishes.

  • Premium


    The advantages of travelling in SWISS First or SWISS Business can be enjoyed well before take off. Elegant SWISS Lounges are perfect for spending some time in, and hint at what awaits guests on board: unbeatable comfort combined with award-winning culinary delights and a standard of service that leaves nothing to be desired.

  • Ground


    SWISS applies the same priority to its technical maintenance and logistics as it does to guests: quality first. We work hard on the ground to ensure the SWISS fleet is always at peak performance and that the goods entrusted to us arrive safely.

  • Commitment


    Creating memorable moments and being aware of our social responsibility: as the official airline partner, we are committed to the fields of culture, sports and social activities, both here in Switzerland and abroad.